bogus braxtor id james madison high school

bogus braxtor id james madison high school

James Madison High School

  The mission of James Madison High School is to engage, challenge, and educate the minds of our students. Our classroom communities inspire and encourage our students to ask questions, seek answers, and take an ownership role in their education. Our educators, staff, and students herald community connectedness within the walls of our school itself, and strive to give back to the communities around us. In our efforts to continue our growth as individuals, all members of James Madison High School ask, “What’s next?” Our collective responses continue to shape us as individuals and grow our academic, athletic, and creative communities.

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Principal Profile Meeting – April 19, 2022, 6:00PM

  Dear Madison HS Parents,



  As many of you know since January 2022 Kasey Bailey has served as Interim Principal of Madison High School since the departure of Principal Carlotta Brown. After several years of serving the children and families of Houston ISD, Carlotta Brown can be proud of her many accomplishments and for the various successes Madison High School experienced under her leadership.


  The task of identifying candidates and selecting a new principal is quickly underway.  We will meet with the faculty to take their input regarding this very important decision.  In addition, we will meet with parents so that you are afforded the opportunity to have a voice in the process.


  You are invited to join us Tuesday April 19, 2022, 6:00 p.m. in the Madison HS auditorium. Spanish interpreter will be provided as needed.   


  Our discussion will focus on these four questions:


  What qualities, skills, or characteristics do you think are important for the next principal to possess?

  What procedures, programs, or other school areas do want the new principal to keep?

  What do you consider to be the most important issues or concerns facing the school?

  What should the new principal know about this school, staff, and community?


bogus braxtor id james madison high school