canadian fake id online free how to take a fake id picture

canadian fake id online free how to take a fake id picture

Guide you step by step to take a good fake id & passport picture easily.

  As I mentioned earlier, if you are ordering a fake ID online, then you have to share your picture & basic information required. Since you are spending a huge amount of money on a fake ID, it is important to take a good fake id photo with high quality & no pixelations.

  there are 2 option (outdoor or indoor), Take a Look at list of outdoor opions below:

  FedEx and UPS Shipping Centers both offer passport photo services

  Pharmacies & Retail Stores. …

  Professional Photography Studios. …

  U.S. Passport Offices. …

  Registered Passport Expediters.

  These are the traditional ways(resource) mentioned above,

  With the continuous development of technology, more and more people choose to take a id photo at home. In doing so, we not only save precious time, but also save a lot of money. The only thing you need to learn is how to take a good id & passport photo at home?

  However, here you need assistance as taking a photo on your own is not easy. Obviously, you are not taking selfies so don’t show off your best pose or smile. Moreover, there are strict rules for passport photos. If photos are as per the rules then only they will be accepted otherwise not. Also, the online facility of filling an application form eases the tedious process of taking photo prints instead of going to the passport office.

  Simply to anser, what you need is a smartphone app. There are a few free and paid applications available, yet the procedure and instructions are generally similar . Here is a video tutorial how to take passport id phonto at home with smartphone

  Use any of these ways to get a perfect photo at home. However, those who don’t know the prerequisite of passport photo will still not get all checkboxes to tick. Read the entire prerequisite here.

  Do you want to renew the photo on your passport id? It’s time to go to a photo booth and take a new photo. However, if you have no time for going to a photo booth then take your id photo at home. Isn’t it easy and fast? Yes, it is but taking a blurry image, too dark or light photo with no good background will make your passport photos go rejected. So, is there any way you can take a good snap for the passport that ticks all the checkboxes. Yes, there is away. Now, you don’t have to be a professional photographer or have a good camera or waste money at a professional photo shoot. Here is a video how to take your passport photo at home

  However, a phone, a tablet or a digital camera is also good.

  Since you cannot take your own photograph so find someone who can assist you in the process. Take help from your friend who knows the guidelines and can take a good photo. You can even take the help of a tripod to provide stability to your camera.

  The next step is to find a background with plain or white color.

  The good idea is to stand in front of a cream or light grey color wall. However, don’t stand in front of the walls with tiles and wallpapers. Also, there should be no objects nearby or at the back. Once you get the right background then get into the right position.

  When your ID is validated if the picture is a decent passport size photo with no blurriness

  Acceptable— The head is centered and the correct size.

  There should be some space between the shoulders and head. Don’t crop the image too much as the officials will do crop it one more time after receiving your application. Also, don’t lift up your shoulder too close to your head. Keep them in a normal and relaxing position.

  Using your phone camera to click the picture is also fine, You just have to make sure that there is enough lighting

  Lights are also important for the perfect photo. Unlike photoshoots, don’t add extra lightings at your home to make photo bright. Don’t take a id photo in a darker background or in a dull area. Natural lighting is the best lighting. Face towards a window to get more possible lighting. Make sure that shadows of window glass or other nearby objects don’t fall on your face. Shadows should not fall on your head as well.

  Your look for the photograph should be professional i.e. clean & neat. You should not apply heavy makeup as it may spoil the picture because of the flash.

  It is better to wear lighter shades of clothes & you should avoid dazzling attire. Do not wear hats or eyeglasses or anything hiding your facial features.

  As per the guidelines you cannot headband, head cover, hat or anything that hides your head. If there is a medical or religious reason behind wearing a headcover then it’s okay.

  Clearly open your eyes as they should be visible. If your hair is short then it’s good, but if not then tie them.

  Hair should not come on your face or eyes. Make sure that you are not clicking photos outside or fan speed is too high. Also, keep the fringe side to make your photo visible. And if you are wearing glasses then they should not cause reflections on your face. Also, they should not create any obscure to your eyes. However, best practice is to remove the glasses. In case, you cannot then make sure they don’t cause glare on the lenses.

  Although you like saying “cheeeeese” during the photo shoot because a smile makes a picture-perfect but here don’t smile.

  Yes, you cannot smile while clicking a photo for a passport. Don’t laugh or even smile a bit. Take a photo and check for a clear image. Your photo should be clear, focus and have no re-eye.

  If you see any of those then take another photo. However, some smart people use computer software to edit the images and erase the red-eye. Well, don’t do it as you are only allowed to crop the image using the websites mentioned above.

  However, whether you go for an online application or fill a paper form, you still need to get a perfect passport photo.

  The rules of photos have changed so there is no way you can reuse the old digital photos. Luckily, there are websites that help passport holders to take their photo.

  The state department of the U.S. – an official tool by the state department is a good one to use. It is designed to crop the photo free as per the rules and guidelines by the officials. Simply take a photo, use the tool and get it print.– different country has different rules for photos. Luckily, this website has everything that is required for taking a passport or visa photo. You can take it at your home, print, and mail the photos. However, you have to pay more in order to get the photos approved.

  Passport photo booth- this app is good for taking id photos at home. It has a photo composition that gives you pictures as per the desired rules. Also, it allows you to save or mail the image without paying.

  Follow the seven simple steps and get a perfect id photo at home. These tips are as per the advice is given by the passport office. You can get more information at the official website of the state department. Make sure you follow all the rules that guide you for taking the perfect picture for your new or renew a passport.

  While taking photo don’t ignore any guidelines. If not sure then check every click that you have taken. Take multiple photos if wanted. Once you get the perfect click then fill the online form and submit it. The officials will check your form and examine the photo and if everything is well then it will be approved. This way you can take a photo for a passport or fake ID.

  However, if you need a fake id card then take the help of our skilled team. Our fake ID cards are of high quality that contains all necessary features. Holograms, magnetic strips, barcodes, and more security features are included in our fake IDs. They look real that neither you nor officials will distinguish the real and fake cards. Everything from the template and photo looks real. Watermarks, special paper, fluorescent dyes, latent image, laser perforation, color-changing ink, microprinting, and more are features of our product.

  It has all the essential features that make your cards look real so that you can enter any of the nightclubs of the state. Bouncers and bartenders will not be able to recognize your fake identity card. Moreover, the cards are scannable that make you use them anywhere in the state. So, now you can enjoy life-like adults without worrying about passing the security officials at the club.

Photo Instructions

  A high quality ID reflects the picture quality.

  No matter how good our ID’s are, if the picture you provide us is complete SHIT (low quality, pixelated, slanted, webcam pictures) then your fake ID is more likely to lose.

  Acquire a high quality digital camera app for your android or iPhone, or any camera that uses 8 megapixels (iPhone 5 camera for some who already have one) will suffice.

  light in the room has PROPER WHITE lighting. (Note that what ever shade of white your lights cast is what shade of white the picture will come out so try to keep it consistent).

  •Have the background be as completely blank and solid-colored you can get it (NO wood panels, NO textures, NO patterns etc)

  •Don’t match with your backdrop. If you’re wearing white DO NOT USE A WHITE WALL or wear a white shirt. A nice example is: White Wall = Dark Colored shirt

  •Take the picture from the WAIST UP. Do not zoom in too much and give us a head shot.

  •LADIES: Wear your hair down. Don’t have it put up or pulled back in any way. Don’t have hair sticking up or sticking out (ie no wild or rogue hairs) Down and straight is your best bet. If your hair is longer than a half meter, have it all go down one in front of you but on only one side. Wavy or nappy hair is fine but try to have your hair nicely combed.

  •The photo MUST be chest up, not any lower, not any higher. We must have your chest/shoulders and your head in the photo. And do not clip off the top of your head we need the whole thing intact! If you have any confusion with this requirement refer your yourself back to the directions.

  Don’t take it upon yourself to edit the picture, just send it to us and we will edit it.

  (We will Photoshop it perfectly.)

  •It is better if your picture comes out further than closer because we can always crop, but we won’t be able to add to your picture if it already comes in edited.

  •After the photo is taken, take the time to make sure there are NO SHADOWS under your eyes or any shadows on your face shadows are a dead give away to it being fake, The reason being DMV photos use a direct flash right on your face so there should be NO SHADOWS.

  - IMPORTANT! Don’t send in SCANNED photos of any kind! This includes scanned passport photos. The quality will not be satisfactory for your new card.

  Most importantly:

  # When you send your photo, make sure you don’t compress the file size before it’s sent #

  thank you


  If you are going to purchase a high-end fake ID, you must be sure that the photo is taken well. Otherwise, your fake ID will be spoiled!

  Making a perfect photo is quite difficult, as in almost any case you will have to make some edits. Sometimes even good editing in photoshop is not enough to remove defects in the photo, for example, some shades or blurs. The image of the fake ID must be clear and spotless. So I will give you some tips for your perfect ID.

  Read the following recommendations how to make perfect photo for fake ID:

  First of all, take your real ID card and put it in front of you as you need to see the perfect sample. It will help you make your fake ID picture more realistic when you see the result you want to get.

  Pay special attention to the following important details in order to get a well-made photo for fake ID:

  1. Take a picture with all the necessary requirements that is, with a flash and high resolution. The photo on the fake ID must look exactly like the photo on the original; it must be of the same quality and have all the small details placed in the same spots. Remember that it is unacceptable to use selfies or other low-quality images at fake documents. Only high-quality pictures taken under certain conditions can be used. You need to keep your head straight, do not move and do not swing it even for a second. You can only take a very light smile with a serious look.

  2. For the best picture you need to use clean light and preferably white background. There are several ways to make real backgrounds with light poster boards or use one created in photoshop. I personally don’t advise you to choose the photoshop method as the real backgrounds look really authentic. Do not use textured, wrinkled, blurred, and bright backgrounds.

  3. Prepare your appearance before the photo, which should be neat and tidy. Don’t wear a hat or glasses. Also heavy bright makeup can spoil the whole picture. As for clothes, it is better to wear contrasting clothes; it is worth wearing light strict clothes if you are photographed on a dark background or vice versa. Don’t choose bright colors.

  A fake ID photo is also important as a photo for a real ID. Therefore, you need to follow all my recommendations before taking a picture. At the end you will get a professional and high-quality photo.

  We want to warn you that we usually process orders with low quality photos with delay as it requires more time for editing or photoshopped. Also, you may need to pay for it an additional fee.

canadian fake id online free how to take a fake id picture